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Medical Logistics Services offers a range of high-quality medical products from renowned brands such as Broda, Med-Mizer, and Hillrom. These products are designed to enhance patient care and improve healthcare facility operations. Whether you need specialized seating solutions from Broda, innovative beds from Med-Mizer, or advanced patient care systems from Hillrom, we have the right solutions to meet your needs. Please contact us to learn more about how we can support your healthcare facility with these exceptional products.

Broda Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair

Enjoy the fullest range of tilt and recline in the progressive design of the Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair. It’s infinitely adjustable and includes the sought-after Trendelenburg Positioning feature. The Synthesis features our signature Comfort Tension Seating® system, which provides comfort that lasts all day. The positioning capabilities help further redistribute pressure to prevent painful and costly pressure injuries. This wheelchair is perfect for long-term care and many other care settings.

If you want even more mobility and freedom, you can upgrade your Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair with the crash tested, WC19 certified transport package to get a wheelchair made for safe and comfortable vehicle travel.



  • One-of-a-kind Comfort Tension Seating® system provides pressure redistribution and airflow for supportive comfort

  • Trendelenburg Position capability

  • Front-pivot seat tilt enhances socialization and engagement

  • Adjustable, removable lateral shoulder supports provide exceptional positioning

  • Height-adjustable arm supports give each user a custom fit

  • Adjustable length, articulating, and extending leg supports

  • Split, flip-down foot supports with angle-adjustable footplates

  • The 16-gauge, powder-coated, tubular steel frame will outlast traditional, lower quality wheelchairs


User Benefits

  • Improves seating tolerance and reduces the risk of pressure injuries

  • Delivers customizable upper lateral body support to prevent falling during transfers

  • Provides a custom fit with adjustable arm and leg supports

  • Improves posture, oxygenation, feeding, sitting tolerance, and overall comfort

  • Supports proper posture and reduces the need for restraints

Caregiver Benefits

  • Delivers safe and comfortable tilt and recline, without the use of restraints

  • Saves time by reducing the need for multiple transfers during the day

  • Cleans and disinfects easily with a non-porous, fluid-resistant surface

  • Makes it easy to change incontinence products without transferring patients from the wheelchair

  • Allows for safer, easier, one-person side transfers from the bed to the wheelchair


Broda Elite Tilt Wheelchair

Discover your ideal comfort zone with the Elite Tilt Wheelchair. Designed for secure seating and pressure relief, the Elite Tilt features a gentle, adjustable tilt mechanism. The unique Broda Comfort Tension Seating® system alleviates discomfort and enhances airflow for optimal temperature control. Safe and easy to use, the Elite Tilt ensures intuitive mobility and all-day comfort.

- **Comfort Tension Seating® System:** Provides pressure redistribution and improved airflow for enhanced comfort.

- **Front-Pivot Seat Tilt:** Enhances the line of sight for better social engagement.

- **Safe, Comfortable Tilt:** Offers secure tilt adjustments without the need for restraints.

- **Durable Frame:** Constructed with 16-gauge, powder-coated, tubular steel for long-lasting durability.


User Benefits

  • Enhanced Seating Tolerance: Reduces the risk of pressure injuries.

  • Customizable Upper Lateral Body Support: Prevents falling during transfers.

  • Adjustable Arm and Leg Supports: Provides a tailored fit.

  • Improved Posture and Comfort: Enhances posture, oxygenation, feeding, and sitting tolerance.

  • Restraint-Free Support: Promotes proper posture without the need for restraints.

Caregiver Benefits

  • Safe and Comfortable Tilt and Recline: Provides secure adjustments without the need for restraints.

  • Time-Saving: Reduces the need for multiple transfers throughout the day.

  • Easy Cleaning: Features a non-porous, fluid-resistant surface for quick and effective disinfection.

  • Convenient Incontinence Care: Enables changing of incontinence products without transferring patients from the wheelchair.

  • One-Person Transfers: Facilitates safer and easier side transfers from the bed to the wheelchair.

Med Mizer Beds

Med-Mizer Boosts Independence

When patients and caregivers are comfortable and in control, quality of life and independence thrive.

 Key Features:

- **One Button SafeTurn Exit**
  - An exclusive feature that fully automates the bed to transform into a chair, allowing patients to safely enter and exit the bed. The built-in high/low function acts as a stand assist, providing additional support and safety.

- **Full Chair Position/Powered Recliner**
  - The bed can convert to a full chair position, enabling patients to sit comfortably. The powered recliner feature allows for independent head and knee adjustments, enhancing comfort for activities such as watching TV, eating, and socializing with family and friends while remaining in bed.

- **RollBack in Place™**
  - The head of the bed can articulate to almost 90 degrees, with rollback in place to reduce shearing and friction in the lower back.

- **Home-Like Features**
  - Enjoy premium wood aesthetics, hidden casters, and a night light to provide patients with a "home-like" comfort and ambiance.

- **Advanced Medical Features**
  - Includes a built-in scale, out-of-bed exit alarm/light, lockouts, optional nurse call communication, digital head of bed/knee angle and height indicator, and Trendelenburg position, creating the most advanced, residential-looking hospital bed.

Fixed - $3,999
Standard - $9,000
Deluxe - $10,709

  • These beds are ideal for use at home, in hospitals, or in care facilities. They are easy to operate and designed to meet all needs.

  • The ActiveCare Bed improves mobility, comfort, independence, and safety with the push of a button.

  • Since the inception of the hospital bed, one of the biggest challenges for patients and caregivers has been safely getting in and out of bed. Med-Mizer has innovated the ActiveCare Bed to solve this challenge.

Comfort and Control Comes Home

Your loved ones and patients should always feel safe, comfortable, and in control in their homes. Med-Mizer's ActiveCare™ beds make this possible.

  • Three ActiveCare Models:

  • Deluxe

  • Standard

  • Fixed Height

  • Key Features:

  • OneButtonSafeTurn: Allows users to shift from fully reclined to fully seated with the touch of a button.

  • Optional Mobility Bar: Makes getting in and out of bed even easier.

  • Three Mattress Options: Enhance comfort and support.

  • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg: Available with an optional pendant (Standard and Deluxe models only).

  • Head and Footboard Color Options

  • Medical Package: Includes a scale, out-of-bed exit lights, and digital head-of-bed angle (Deluxe model only).

Hill Rom Beds

If you are looking for advanced comfort in different care settings, refurbished hospital beds may be a viable option. The Hill Rom Hospital bed is an excellent choice that offers essential clinical features to help care givers, nurses, doctors, and patients achieve their goals. With fully electric features, including hi-low, trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg, recline positioning, chair positions, patient alarms, in bed scales, and more, the Hill Rom bed is one of the best options for multiple settings.


Careassist Bed

  • Enjoy flexible positioning options and maximum patient comfort with the Multi-Positioning feature and fully electric Hi-Low function. The bed also comes equipped with a built-in scale for weight monitoring and a patient alarm system to increase caregiver awareness and prevent accidents.

Progressa Bed

  • The Progress Bed is an advanced therapy solution that features an air fluidized mattress to provide therapeutic support for patients who spend extended periods in bed. It also has smart bed capabilities that capture data and offer programmable locking positions for various medical conditions. The bed's innovative turning feature promotes bodily movement and blood flow, aiding wound prevention. Additionally, it offers a full chair position and other functionalities for enhanced patient comfort and care.

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